I am beginning to outline the contents for a forthcoming book on IT Essentials for Small Business. It will contain a compendium of my diverse IT & web knowledge as applied to small businesses. Larger businesses and other organizations may find the core knowledge useful, but I will be focusing on the scale of small businesses that don’t usually have a dedicated IT staff. All the important things you should keep your eyes on when working with IT in your business.

The outline will lead to related posts here on this blog in the coming days. Once I have sufficient content, the blog postings will be republished in book form and available from the usual sources in both print and electronic form, in addition to the posts here. Posts may or may not be in the order of the proposed outline and the outline may be reorganized prior to publishing. I will tag posts to collect related content items.

I highly encourage posting comments in order to make corrections or enhancements to the content prior to publishing. Feel free to ask me to cover a particular area that you feel should be included if it is not in the outline. Good ideas are aways welcome!

Proposed Outline

  1. Introduction
  2. Security
  3. Office Computers
  4. Software Applications
  5. Networking
  6. Telecommunications
  7. Domain Names
  8. Email
  9. Web Sites
  10. Marketing
  11. E-Commerce
  12. Web Applications
  13. Summary

I’ll provide a mini-outline for each of these areas as I flesh them out in more detail. Feel free to comment with suggestions on other major areas that might not be included above.

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